Investment Strategy

Hamilton EQ Investment

Hamilton EQ acquires best in class high-end, well-positioned office buildings across the United States. Hamilton EQ’s “buy right" strategy and use of strict underwriting criteria has consistently delivered strong returns to its partners. In tune with its comprehensive investment strategy, Hamilton EQ is currently invested in Charlotte, NC, one of the largest millennial boom-towns, as well as two thriving college towns. Future workforce availability is a key consideration to businesses choosing a location, and Hamilton EQ plans to tap into that potential to produce strong, steady returns.



Hamilton adheres to the highest standards when it comes to property management. Hamilton’s service-oriented management team uses a “bottom up” approach, leveraging local knowledge and expertise of its on-site managers to allow swift response to all tenants. The development and implementation of smooth and efficient operational procedures tailored to the specific needs of each property has resulted in the success Hamilton EQ experiences today.